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Coconut Milk is one of the most nutritious milks out there and everyday, cow’s milk is taking a back seat to it. Yup, different types of nut milks are being substituted into our diets. Nut milks, especially made fresh, are standing out as providing numerous health benefits for our bodies.

For example, I recently visited my mom in Trinidad and she makes her own sesame milk and almond milk. The sesame milk was pretty new to me, not my favorite type of milk but it definitely won’t be my first choice of homemade milk. I suggested to her to make coconut milk as well, she always thought it was difficult but once we cracked the coconuts open, I showed her how to make it, she realized that it is a very easy process.

coconut milk

Especially now that the lid is being blown off of pasteurized cow’s milk and the levels of unhealthy bits that are found in it, many are looking for alternatives that are more beneficial to our health.

Even my husband, who really doesn’t think much about his health has recently stopped purchasing cow’s milk, even though I had stopped drinking many years ago. One day he asked me why I no longer drink cow’s milk, besides the fact that I am lactose intolerant? I mentioned the pus, blood and growth hormones found in milk and he pointed out the labels say it is “hormone free”. I asked him, but is it pus free? And company’s label their as “free of…” however a certain level of hormones is still allowed into their products.

Discovering the goodness in Coconut Milk

I wanted to use this space to highlight just how nutritious coconut milk can be for your health. I will also show you how easy it is to make it from fresh matured coconuts so that you can do it for yourself and family it at home. I can ensure you that it is without carrageenan.

It is lactose free, so that you can drink up to heart’s desire.

I can’t wait to show you how I use coconut milk in my hair to add nutrients, protein and it also restores shine to my hair. Who wouldn’t want all that goodness on their hair?

We will all explore together new recipes that I will create, and post so that I can get your feedback on new ways to cook with coconut milk. Such as chicken, curry, soups, ice cream, kefir, yogurt, whipped cream and butter all made with coconut milk.

What about you? What would you like to know about coconut milk?

Ife - The Coconut Lover

Ife - The Coconut Lover

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