How to make coconut milk at home

How to make Coconut MilkThere has been quite a bit of buzz lately about coconut milk and coconut oil, its benefits and why we should add it to our daily regimen. But what about how to make coconut milk from FRESH coconuts?

My friends are always asking me, how am I able to enjoy coconut milk daily, so I figured I will share with you all, just how to make coconut milk from fresh coconuts at home. It is a simple and easy process and you will be able to enjoy your coconut milk in just a few short minutes.

Once you use real, organic, non-GMO coconuts, this will be the freshest, tastiest and most refreshing coconut milk you will ever consume!

You’re going to want to choose the best mature coconuts (those with the hard, dark brown outer shell). Selecting coconuts are pretty easy to do. Shake well, and listen for liquid inside. Also observe the “eyes” of the coconut (3 dark dots), are they dry and dark? Then you have a good nut! If the “eyes” are weeping or seeping liquid, then, they’re no good. Don’t worry, it took me awhile to get it right, now, choosing the best coconuts at the grocery store and farmer’s market are second nature to me.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How To Make Coconut Milk

You will need:

5-6 coconuts
Warm Water
hammer/cleaver to open coconuts
Large bowl

Yields – 10-12 glasses of coconut milk

How to make Coconut MilkFirstly, open up those coconuts, either with a hammer or by using the blunt end of a cleaver to crack the hard outer shell, you can save the coconut water inside for blending. (I love to drink it, because, the coconut water flavoring, whether sweet or bitter, gives an indication of the kind of milk you will have in the end)

How to make Coconut MilkCut up coconut into small pieces. Place into blender, 1 part coconut meat to 2 parts warm water. If you saved the coconut water that was retrieved, you can add this to the blender as well.

How to make Coconut MilkBlend coconut for 2 mins on high speed, so that the coconut is finely shredded.

How to make Coconut MilkNext, secure your cheesecloth, however you desire, I prefer to use wooden clothespins.

How to make Coconut MilkNext, remove clothespins carefully, I usually remove opposite corners to prevent spillage.

How to make Coconut MilkSqueeze until the coconut milk completely drains and collects into your bowl.

How to make Coconut MilkKeep squeezing, you want to get all the coconut milk out. (Use 2 hands of course, my other hand was taking the picture ;-))

How to make Coconut MilkThis is the shredded coconut that is left in the cheesecloth, all the milk has been removed, it can be used for recipes that call for shredded coconut. This can be dried in the oven and it will be your coconut flour. Add it to your smoothies, bread, pancakes or anything you desire.

Coconut Milk

And that’s it! Here is your warm coconut milk for you to enjoy! Now you can use this milk to make coconut cream, butter, yoghurt, ice cream, whipped cream, kefir and coconut oil! I hope you try it!

How to make Coconut MilkStoring Coconut Milk

You can store your fresh coconut milk in a glass jar, in your refrigerator and it will last approximately 3 to 4 days. When stored in the fridge, coconut milk naturally separates, where the fats rise to the top and the water sinks to the bottom. When you are ready to drink, remove from the fridge about 30 minutes before use, stir to recombine and enjoy.

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I hope you learned how to make coconut milk. Do you enjoy coconut milk? Would you try to make coconut milk at home?

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