40 Amazing Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut oil uses are so numerous, especially in my daily life, sometimes I wonder how I survived previously without it!


But I will share with you some of my secret coconut oil uses. Some may already be familiar to you and I would love for you to share your coconut oil experiences as well. Using natural products for my hair and skin is not so new to me. Therefore, adding coconut oil to my daily regimens, really helped me to cut down on excessive beauty and bath products. Trust me when I say that my husband loves that I am not spending as much money on conventional products!!

Using coconut oil to replace your regular beauty routine definitely has its benefits especially since the ingredients are simple and you actually KNOW what is in it.

how to make coconut oil

Here are some genius coconut oil uses:

  1. Coconut Oil for Hair – as a conditioner
  2. For Increased hair growth.
  3. Use coconut oil as a Pre-Poo or make your own shampoo
  4. Use to moisturize your hair
  5. Coconut Oil for Facial acne
  6. Make your own soap
  7. Create smooth, supple skin
  8. Oil pulling for fresher breath
  9. Teeth whitening
  10. Body detox – release those toxins
  11. Non-toxic sunscreen and relieves sunburn
  12. Give to your dogs in food for shiny coat
  13. Take coconut oil capsules as a supplement to gain benefits internally
  14. Replace hydrogenated oil and butter with coconut oil to make popcorn!
  15. My all time favorite – use coconut oil to burn fat
  16. Relieve your psoriasis
  17. Use to alleviate thyroid symptoms
  18. Use as a lotion to smooth out rough skin
  19. Relieves painful arthritis
  20. Prevent stretch marks
  21. Use as a cholesterol fighting superfood
  22. Have candida? – Coconut oil is one of the best foods to fight it.
  23. Add to your diet to help beat diabetes
  24. Make homemade deodorant.
  25. Cook with it!
  26. Bake with coconut oil in your favorite recipes
  27. It can relieve vaginal itching
  28. Use to help grow your eyelashes
  29. Use to relieve nail fungus
  30. Beat bv (Bacterial vaginosis) by using coconut oil.
  31. Use on your hemorrhoids
  32. Relieve babies’ diaper rash
  33. Heal babies cradle cap with coconut oil
  34. Use coconut oil for shaving
  35. Swish the oil daily for healthier gums
  36. Relieve constipation
  37. Use for transitioning straightened, chemically treated hair to curly state.
  38. Relieve’s Itchy scalp and dandruff
  39. Add to your daily coffee for that extra coconut flavor
  40. A perfect massage oil

coconut oil uses

What about you? Have I left out any GREAT coconut oil uses? How do you use coconut oil? Share in the comments below.

Ife - The Coconut Lover

Ife - The Coconut Lover

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