Best Coconut Oil acne remedies

Coconut Oil acne remedies, do they really work?

Download Coconut Lovers Magazine I have certainly been affected by acne at certain points in my life and thankfully I have recovered from it since I left those puberty years behind. But I want to help you get some relief especially since acne can truly affect your way of life. Perhaps I can tell you about the coconut oil acne remedy that I use.

A coconut oil acne remedy can turn out to be one of the most cost effective ways to treat the problem and embarrassment that acne and its scars can cause. Hopefully, at the end of this, you are able to understand why coconut oil can work in your favor.

Coconut Oil’s effectiveness in treating acne lies in the fact that it is all natural and it really goes to the root cause of your acne.

You see, acne shows up on your body, face, arms or even back during hormonal changes and for some, once these hormonal changes have settled, the acne clears, unfortunately for others, the acne continues during adulthood. But before you reach for those fancy lotions and soaps I really want you to understand why these so called “acne lotions and soaps” would cause more harm than good.coconut oil acneBefore and After coconut oil acne remedy

Unfortunately, soaps and lotions remove your protective layer of skin and leave your skin without its natural defenses. This causes a cycle of infection as the skin’s pores try to combat the dryness by producing more oils and sebum. The irritation ensues and red inflamed skin continues to increase in intensity.

 How does Coconut Oil Acne Treatment work?

Once I learned about how nutritious coconut oil is, there was no way I could live my day-to-day life without it. Here are few reasons as to why coconut oil acne treatments work:

It is antimicrobial in the form of potassium, lauric acid and capric acid. These are found in breast milk, remember how important that milk is for a newborn right? Well, these acids can actually replace the protective layer you may have removed with harsh soaps.

It is an excellent source of Vitamin-E which helps to regulate those same hormones that set the cycle of acne in motion. Additionally, Vitamin A in coconut oil works on providing radiant skin while shedding the old layers and also help with slowly eliminating acne scars.

It is an anti-Inflammatory agent, it will cool down any irritation and redness that has been caused by the acne. Due to coconut oil’s readiness to be absorbed, once applied directly to the skin, it gets right to action! Healing begins to take place as it penetrates the layers of skin.

 How I use Coconut Oil for Acne

  1. I make an exfoliating paste with 1tsp of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, mix until a smooth paste is formed.
  2. I take a hand towel, run warm water over it. Using the warm hand towel, I then gently massage my face, to open up the pores.
  3. Next, I take my baking soda and coconut oil paste and gently exfoliate about a minute or two,  (Be careful not to rub your facial skin in a rough manner.)
  4. Once finished exfoliating, I run warm water over the hand towel again gently remove any exfoliated residue from my face.
  5. Lastly, I rinse with cold water to close my pores, this last step is very important. It prevents drying out of your skin.

The baking soda, exfoliates and the coconut oil gets to seep into your pores. I started using this coconut oil acne treatment on my face. I was seeing a significant improvement, so I went a step further.

I started using coconut oil all over my entire body. I figured, why is my face getting all these nutrients?!?

Then I moved onto consuming it. One(1) teaspoon daily for a week, then two (2) teaspoons the following week and worked my way up to 2 Tablespoons a day as part of my daily regimen. I wanted to take full advantage of the superfood nutrients that coconut oil possesses.

The results? My skin is more radiant. My face is glowing and looks healthier than it ever has before.

Most importantly, my facial acne is clearing up, I don’t see the changes immediately, however, when I compare photos over time, I can see a significant difference. My theory is that the coconut oil is working from the inside out when I consume it.

I really hope this helps you become and display your true and authentic self.

My question to you: How have you been healing your acne? Have you tried a coconut oil acne treatment and did it help you?


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