Coconut oil for Hair Growth

Have you been wondering about coconut oil for hair growth? You may have heard about it from little snippets  on the internet. however, you may have thought it is kinda crazy to add oil to your hair. Also, does it make you hair a greasy gunky mess?

Hopefully, I can shed some insight into how I have been using coconut oil to strengthen my hair strands and how my hair showed great increases in length.

Firstly, I want to start by saying that I did not set out trying to grow my curly hair out. I really wanted to restore it because it was dry and brittle.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth & Health

Below, you will see images and progression of my hair’s health.

Coconut oil for hairIn 2011, my hair was really badly damaged, you can see the ends were very thin with a lot of split ends. I did not moisturize back then with water or any coconut oil or shea butter therefore my hair was dry. Also, previously, my  hair stayed at that 2011 length for many years, I always thought it was never meant to be longer.

A year later, you can already see changes, my hair was beginning to thrive, I began spritzing with water and sealing moisture in with shea butter and coconut oil. I had less split ends and my mane was becoming more full of life.

I also stopped using shampoos with SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate), they are very drying to the hair and strips strands and scalp of natural oils.

Coconut oil for hairIn 2013, I hadn’t used shampoo for over 2 years, you can see the shine. It became easier to manage with regard to styling and maintenance. I continued scalp massages with coconut oil and introduced Jamaican black castor oil.

In 2014, the one thing I am TOTALLY shocked by is the GROWTH of my hair. As I said before, the length of my hair in 2011 was the extent of growth I would usually see throughout my life. The more coconut oil I used, the more growth I observed and I also saw less shedding.

I can truly attest to the benefits of using coconut oil for hair growth.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Hair

Why does coconut oil work? There are a number of reasons such as:

Reducing water loss from strands, my 2011 picture clearly shows damage due to reduced water retention. The more coconut oil you use, the less breakage there is and the more minerals your hair retains. In fact, the more damaged your hair is, the more coconut oil is beneficial to your strands and hair inner cortex.

Coconut oil for hair

It adds protein to hair, since hair is made up of protein, it repairs damaged hair cuticle layers, restoring it to its best state

Not only was I using coconut oil for hair strands, but massaging my scalp produced significant results that I did not expect. My dandruff was gone! I used to have to wash my hair every few days to relieve the itching and flaking on my scalp. Since coconut oil has anti-microbial  properties it played a significant role in getting rid of my dandruff.

 How to Use Coconut Oil in Your Hair

Getting the benefits from coconut oil can be as easy as, massaging your scalp with the oil every other night. Coconut oil quickly absorbs into your pores. Therefore no product build up and no clogging of pores takes place and nutrients go right to where they are needed.

Some may want to do a hot oil treatment, I have never tried it, but when do, I will share my results with you.

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Have you tried coconut oil in your hair? What was your experience? If this is new to you, would you try it?

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