Castor Oil & Coconut Oil Sunburn Cure

coconut oil sunburn Before I tell you how I use my coconut oil sunburn salve, I have to tell you why I needed it.
It all began when…I went to the BEACHHHHHH!!!!
Summer is in full swing and it was just too hot to stay at home so I grabbed my things and headed to one of the most beautiful beaches on Nassau, Bahamas at Sandals Beach resort.

Yes! I flopped around like an untrained seal, swam, snorkeled and sunbathed… for what felt like the hottest day of the year, maybe even the century.

For 6 hours. This is exactly the series of events:

As soon I stepped on that sand, I jumped into the water, did some laps, then grabbed my snorkel gear, saw some bar jacks, stalked a barracuda, he was making real slow circles around me. I love to scuba dive so one stalker barracuda wasn’t going to do anything to me. Got bored of him.

Returned to shore, sunbathed till it was just too hot to handle, back in the water! Swam a couple miles away from shore, wore myself out…guess what I did next?! Back to sunbathing again.

By this time, at around 3pm the beach was totally empty, I had the water all to myself with some jelly fish, really majestic creatures by then I was on shore getting a few shades darker . No worries, back in the water I go, swam out 2 miles to some paddle boarders from Sandals beach Resort (hopefully I will try paddle boarding one day, looks like tons of fun!), got a jet ski ride, for sure, now I was totally exhausted.

But guess what I forgot?! To put on my coconut oil sunburn protection! Yup, my version of sunscreen. I don’t use conventional sunscreen, that’s icky stuff anyway, I totally forgot to pack my castor oil and coconut oil mixture that I usually cover myself in from head to toe.

I paid the price for no sunscreen because it was evening time and now I am in pain, my skin is charred and any piece of clothing that touches my skin might as well have been nails on a chalk board.

What do I turn to when I got home? My trusty coconut oil sunburn salve with a mix of castor oil.
I use 1 part castor oil to 2 parts coconut oil.

Castor & Coconut Oil Sunburn protection and healing oils

coconut oil sunburn Castor oil which is a heavier oil repairs and rejuvenates the skin from the damage of sun overexposure. Additionally, coconut oil is a healing oil and gently relieves skin from painful sunburn, peeling and cracking.

There is a slight cooling effect that occurs when using this salve, I can actually touch my skin without being in excruciating pain. Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory, that will slowly relieve any swelling that is usually experienced from the aftermath of sunburn.

I love to use both oils together because coconut oil is a lighter oil and almost immediately sinks into your skin, getting to work on repairing any damage. The castor oil on the other hand, lingers on the surface of the skin and helps reduce pain caused by friction from clothing and everyday movements.

Gently massage your skin’s surface with the oils, you don’t want to cause any more pain to your already inflamed skin.

Apply regularly, especially after taking a shower. When applied to slightly damp skin, the oils trap the water as absorption takes place. Since coconut oil is an easily absorbed oil, it goes straight into your skin’s layers with the water droplets. And the slightly heavier oil stays on the skin surface ensuring that moisture stays locked in.

Be sure to drink lots of water, I drank 4 glasses of water every 2 hours to help the process along a lot quicker this re-hydrated my body from the inside out.

I hope this is helpful to you. I am not forgetting my castor/coconut oil sunburn protection again. That’s for sure!

Have you tried this coconut oil sunburn cure? Share your experience in the comments below.

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