The Wonders of Coconut Water

Have you been on the coconut water trend lately? Have you added coconut water to your daily diet? Are you drinking the fresh coconut water or the bottled, packaged coconut found on the shelf?

coconut water

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Everyone is drinking it, you can find it as common place as bottled water on our grocery shelves. But where has this fascination come from worldwide? Anyone living in tropical climates have been experiencing the benefits of coconut water for centuries.

Exploring Coconut Water

It is a great addition to anyone wanting to add more clean foods into their diet. There are varied health benefits that I will cover with you and hopefully explore. I will even discuss with you, how coconut water is used for weight loss.

Not everyone has access to fresh, young coconuts in their backyard. Not everyone lives in a tropical climate where you can readily drink coconut water daily, therefore i will talk a little about some of the brands that popularly found in supermarkets.

Some of the brands that we will look at are, Vita Coco, O.n.e. Grace, Zico and other related coconut water products. Even how these brands stack up against pure coconut water from a tree.

We will discuss the shelf life, its ingredients and what about the coconut water diet that some people are doing, is it safe?

Ever heard of the term nudie coconut? Neither did I until recently!

What about coconut water during pregnancy? Have you considered that as well? I want to share some information on how it can help you to stay fit, healthy and hydrated during your pregnancy journey or even while nursing your newborn.

Everyone talks about these young thai coconuts, perhaps we can figure out why they are so popular!

Hopefully you decide to drink up!

Ife - The Coconut Lover

Ife - The Coconut Lover

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