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These are coconut recipes I have created since discovering the many amazing uses for coconut and its oil, I decided I needed to share them, because they are just too delicious to keep to myself. I am still experimenting but hopefully you try them out and even share them with your friends and family. And of course I want you to tell me how the recipes tastes! I am definitely looking forward to your feedback.

Coconut RecipesI am including both savory and sweet recipes with coconut. I can’t quite decide which I favor more, sometimes, it just depends on my mood.

Here are some of the recipes I hope to be sharing with you, they might be re-creations, inspired by other foodies or a regular recipe that I went coconutzzz with 😉

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More recipes

Coconut drops, definitely not the way my granny made them.

My mango smoothie addiction with my fave coconut recipes

Lately, I have been in a smoothie making mode; using flaxseed, mangoes, frozen bananas that were over-ripened, I even used coconut protein left over from making coconut oil. I have been making smoothies daily for the past 2 weeks. I am addicted to having a fresh fruity smoothie for breakfast and now I wonder to my self, “How did I survive without these smoothies before?”

Coconut Recipes Now I make smoothies daily and they have become my breakfast staple especially in these summer months where mangoes are in season in the Bahamas.

What are your favorite coconut recipes? Let me know in the comments below.

Would you like to submit a recipe to us, we will feature it, giving you credit of course!

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