Coconut mango smoothie recipe

mango smoothie recipe Mango season finally came to the Bahamas, now I feel real sorry for my blender because it has been doing some over time! I have been using mangoes and coconut in every single recipe, but I want to share the most common breakfast smoothie recipe I have been making. My coconut banana mango smoothie, it is fresh, tropical and a flavorful way to start your day.

As I said, mangoes are in abundance, I don’t think the landlord ate as many mangoes as we did.
The tree is right outside my window and as soon as the mangoes were in season, I was picking them all off. I kept some green, unripened ones for curry mango or stew mango. They were cut into quarters and frozen for later. Any other sun-kissed ripened mangoes were kept for smoothie making!!

Making your delicious Banana Coconut Mango Smoothie Recipe

You will need:

3 cups of frozen mangoes
1 cup of frozen coconut meat
2 frozen bananas
2Tbsp of flaxseed
2 cups of cold water or ice cubes

Mango smoothie recipeYou can freeze your mangoes the night before so that they are ready for the morning or just go for it whenever you want that jolt of mango goodness throughout the day.

I like to add a couple of frozen bananas (over ripened bananas ) for extra yumminess!

Mango smoothie recipeI love adding flaxseeds. They contain lignans which is great for additional fiber, it is filled with antioxidants necessary for great health. I love to add it to my smoothies because I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and recently found out that lignans in flaxseed balances hormones. I have been battling with unbalanced hormones for a few years.

Mango smoothie recipeOf course, as The Coconut Lover, we have to add… COCONUT! Whenever I open a mature coconut, I store the fresh coconut meat in the freezer to use in any recipes. You will observe an extra creaminess in your smoothies when you use fresh coconut meat.

Mango smoothie recipeMmmm. in go the mangoes. These fresh mangoes were just on our tree a few minutes ago, but in our smoothies, they add Vitamin C, A, folate necessary to make red blood cells. Mangoes are also packed with Vitamin B6 and Copper which improves immune function.

Yes, they are power packed with so many wonderful nutrients and benefits.

Mango smoothie recipeFlaxseeds tend to get gummy, so the additional ice cold water really balances out the smoothie.

Mango smoothie recipe Mango smoothie recipeIt is so good, delicious and refreshing especially on a hot, summer day.

I hope you enjoyed this mango smoothie recipe! Let me know if you tried it by leaving your comments below.


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