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coconut loversI want to introduce you to Kim of Organic Earth Jewelry, we met through Facebook and of course, as the coconut lover, I was blown away by her jewelery selection, beautifully hand crafted and made from organic coconut shells. Continue reading to learn more about Kim and her Organic Earth Fashion Jewelry for women.

Tell me a little about your journey before Organic Earth Jewelry, what got you onto this path?

My family lived abroad when I was growing up, so I had the chance to experience artisanal culture from various South & Central American tropical countries. Since moving back to the USA a few years ago, I wanted to bring a piece of my travels with me and make them available to consumers in the USA and in parts of the world where these beautiful, unique jewelry pieces aren’t usually accessible.

Fashion Jewelry for Women

Since starting Organic Earth Jewelry™ in 2011, I’ve been passionate about preserving the Fair Trade practices and eco-friendly work of international artisans. Our commitment to using all-natural, environmentally friendly materials has given us a special niche in supporting a GREEN, sustainable movement in women’s fashion.

What was your inspiration to getting started sourcing coconut jewelry from Ecuador, Mexico and Indonesia?

When a tourist visits these tropical countries, there are varieties of coconut jewelry and accessories that are available to purchase from street vendors and artisans. I wanted to bring this same experience to those who haven’t or can’t travel abroad so they could still enjoy this eco-friendly jewelry art that is widely available in many tropical countries.

Fashion Jewelry for Women

Did you get resistance for your business or were you encouraged because it is eco-friendly and handmade with environmentally sourced materials?

In recent years, coconut products have attained rising popularity in the health and beauty industries. We’ve been met with very positive feedback about the products we offer, and many environmentally conscious fashionistas have expressed excitement upon finding our eco-friendly jewelry selections.

What do you envision for your customers who enjoy Organic Earth Jewelry’s handmade coconut jewelry? What is the ultimate message/feeling/emotion you are trying to convey to them when they wear it?

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We are passionate about supporting the environment and celebrating its natural beauty, and we love to expose our customers to the pure beauty that Mother Nature offers and that we’re able to recreate into jewelry art. When someone wears a piece of our Organic Earth Jewelry™ they are representing the decision to support Fair Trade, eco-friendly products from small businesses.

coconut jewelry

So, far what are your top 3 selling coconut handcrafted jewelry pieces?

The coconut feather earrings with guinea feathers, handcrafted coconut necklaces and organic coconut beaded bracelets are among our top selling coconut jewelry pieces.

You have such a wide variety of pieces, very intricately designed, which pieces have you fallen in love with?

I love and often wear the coconut feather earrings with guinea feathers, coconut dream catcher bracelets and organic coconut dream catcher earrings. When we get new inventory in I usually acquire new jewelry pieces for my personal jewelry cache as well 😉 It’s one of the perks of owning a jewelry retail store.

fashion jewelery for women

What advice would you give to someone who is considering getting into jewelry design with eco-friendly materials?

Do your research as to the origin of each material, product and vendor. Sourcing directly from the artisans (or handcrafting the jewelry yourself) ensures you’re supporting fair trade and quality, eco-friendly materials.

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Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

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