How to Open a Coconut – Very Easy!

How to Open a Coconut I want to teach you how to open a coconut. It was one of the first things I learned to do on my own when handling coconuts. I have attempted a few different ways, smashing it on the ground, but the I lose the coconut water inside, which you can use to make milk. Even hitting it against a wall. Hopefully, I can breakdown the process, and it is very easy for you to try.

I used a knife to pierce the “eye” of the coconut and then a hammer to get it open.

Here is a video that will hopefully help you.

Just a note, I am opening up a mature coconut, one that has a hard, dark brown outer shell. Coconuts at this stage are used for making coconut milk, which can be further processed into coconut oil. The coconut meat or fiber can then be used in various recipes.

Be sure to select a fresh, GMO, organic coconut. How to Open a Coconut Let’s get started!

Pierce the coconut “eye” with a knife, corkscrew or even an ice pick. Someone once told me they used a screwdriver! Ok, mature coconuts usually have three (3) “eyes”, only one can be easily punctured, the others are “dummy eyes”, which are difficult to get into. So keep trying until your tool pokes through easily.

How to Open a Coconut Once you have an opening large enough for the coconut water to exit, drain any excess water into a cup. You can save this water for a recipe or making coconut milk. I usually drink it.

How to Open a Coconut Now, you are ready to get to the meat of the matter. (Pun intended) Firmly tap the midsection of the shell, I tap near the opening that we made for the water to exit because this area tends to be a weak section of the coconut.

How to Open a Coconut Continue tapping firmly with the hammer until you see a hairline crack. As the crack forms, rotate the coconut and follow the crack while tapping firmly.

How to Open a Coconut And keep going until your coconut opens in half! Wasn’t that fun? And really easy?! Now it is time to remove the coconut flesh/ meat. But first, bask in your accomplishment!

How to Open a Coconut

I hope you were able to learn how to open a coconut with a hammer! Tell me what other ways have you attempted to open a coconut? Share in the comments below!

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