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Hi, I am the Coconut Lover, less than a year ago I came across information on incorporating coconut oil into my lifestyle and ever since then, I can’t help but use it in almost every aspect of my life!

I enjoy a coconut lifestyle where I use coconuts in almost everything that I do. Even my husband, who thinks I am crazy because I have gone “nuts” for it, has started to use coconuts, and its derivatives in his daily living.

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I am looking forward to sharing with you how I use coconut oil and coconut water for health, its benefits for wholesome living and how it can change your life regardless of how you use it. Ever wondered if it really is good or bad? I will help you to dispel the myths and then we can get started on getting those nutrients into our bodies!

I have mentioned a little about using coconut oil internally, but it is my staple in making deodorant and homemade toothpaste ;-). No more fluoride for me! I also use coconut oil in my hair and I will share with you a salve that I have been using to ensure that my tummy skin stays supple before I get pregnant in order to prevent stretch marks. lol!

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coconut recipesWe will even dive into something I recently started to do, oil pulling, its an ancient Ayurveda practice but it has so many useful properties in this modern day! Even coconut jewelry!

Love to cook? I will share with you some recipes I make with coconuts, the oil, milk , cream and so much more. In fact, I would love to see your recipes too! You will be able to submit your recipes, have a favorite coconut cake, pie or tart? I would love to see, try it and I am sure so would readers of the site!

So have a look around the site and be sure to leave a comment, I would love to get your feedback to make the Coconut Lover’s community a better place.

Ife - The Coconut Lover

Ife - The Coconut Lover

Ife is the Editor of the fun and exciting Coconut Lovers Magazine for iPad available for download on iTunes. Get featured in Coconut Lovers magazine! If you are a coconut lover, contribute your beautiful recipes and ways you use coconut by contacting us.
Ife - The Coconut Lover

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